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During dinner:

(an advert with a French Bulldog in it shows up on tv)

Mum: Are you not going to say anything?
Me: What?
Dad: About the dog, about how much you want a dog.
Me: What’s the point? You guys are stubborn as fuck so…
Mum: But look at it, it’s very cute!
Dad: And tiny! Like a tiny little ball of cuteness!
Me: I KNOW!! AND THEY DON’T GET BIGGER! SO THAT STUPID RULE OF DOGS IN APARTMENTS CAN SUCK IT! We could have that dog, it’s not like a German Shepherd, it could live here…besides they’re always on the floor…
Mum: German Shepherds are always on the floor too.
Me: WHAT?!
Dad: You know dogs cannot fly, right? They.Are.Always.On.The.Floor.

Seriously, what’s wrong with the world?

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  1. mmischieffmanagedd said: Yo tambien vivo en departamento asi que te entiendo!! lo masd grande que llegue a tener fue un conejo enano xD jamas me dejaran tener un perro o un gato mientras viva aca u.u
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