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Eveybody celebrate they have fantastic characters in the month of their birthdays…
flawless queens or badass sorceress or cool hot knights or whatever…

I get creepy Kilgharrah.

I guess I’m awesome enough for February. We don’t want to overwhelm that month with much more hotness and epicness…

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  1. check-the-czech said: I get Percival. I´m very OK with this…not to rub it to your face or anything…;)
  2. maythewaterbender said: I got Elyan. But I really wanted Gwen and I was so close too.
  3. ravenclaw1991 said: Mine is Mordred.. I wanted Morgana for November. It would’ve made me happy like when I had a Harry Potter calendar and Bellatrix Lestrange was on November!
  4. benedivision said: wooo mine is gwen :)))
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